Eucalyptus coccifera .

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If you like peppermint you will love this tree as the long, slender grey-green foliage emits a strong minty scent. The trunk is a patchwork of silver, grey and white, often with brown striations. The habit is variable as some trees grow shorted and wider while others grow taller to 15m.

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A low-maintenance medium sized evergreen tree or large shrub from Tasmania. Like many Eucalypts it has two forms of leaf. Young, emergent leaves are slender ovals with a silvery jade-green bloom to them. These smell particularly strongly of peppermint.

Adult foliage will appear as the tree establishes, and these are distinctly different being willow-like and much longer, narrower and sage-coloured. Both forms are very elegant and graceful and move beautifully in the breeze. Moderately fast-growing, this tree can be coppiced to encourage a multi-stemmed ‘mallee’ (Aussie for many-stemmed shrub) . Do you want to know what a ‘lignotuber’ is? Of course you do because its got one. It’s a woody swelling of the root crown, right at the base of the tree, which enables the tree to regenerate after bushfires (Aim to limit these in your own garden) or after grazing animals have had their way. If deer are a nuisance for you, plant this. Known for being very hardy in the UK, will take temps down to -10C or so.


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