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We’re obsessed with the sculptural and practical advantages flexible steel edging provides our garden designs. It creates bold definition to new paths, borders and beds as well as reinvigorating existing layouts. Imagine pathways leading you through different planting beds of colour & texture to feature points or viewing spots. Designs can be sympathetic to the surrounding environment or contrast with them. You might want a raised edge to expose the warm oxidised temper of the steel or a concealed fit for a seamless finish. Whatever you aspirations, the results will transform your garden.

The flexibility of the material lends itself to curvaceous and undulating designs as much as smart geometric precision. It will also reduce the depletion of bedding mulch and contain the compacted compound of a pathway.

Installation can be undertaken anytime in the year but it’s also a good project for the winter to re-ignite your passion and anticipation for the year ahead.

If you would like to discuss your ideas for an installation by us, complete the form further down the page or alternatively, email us at


Design With Paths, Borders & Beds

How To: Flexible Steel Edging


To take the next step with your Garden Design, plans complete our design enquiry form opposite and one of our team will get in touch.

There is the option to attach any plans you have available and photos of your garden that include the following: the garden from the house, the house from the garden, from upstairs, from downstairs, your neighbours’ gardens and most importantly, views of the access.

For all other general enquiries visit our contact page.

Path construction: (Plants: Pinus nigra ‘Niwaki’ & Ilex crenata ‘Niwaki’)

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    Before going any further, here’s a good opportunity to emphasise the nature of the kind of gardens we do. In terms of size, we can design anything from courtyards and city roof terraces, to country homes and estate gardens; no job is too big or small. It could be formal or it could be exotic, but within that spectrum the emphasis will always be on the sculptural: strong, eye-catching shapes, beautiful textures and bold use of plants. It’s all to do with shape, shade, texture and definition – not just colour. Dare to think bold: avenues, pleached hedges, groves, outrageous topiary and seriously jungley spaces and things could get interesting. We only use our plants, so visiting our nursery for inspiration is an essential step in the process. It’s the most important thing because If you love our nursery, you’ll love your garden. Our designers rarely use drawings. Our methods are organic and customer-centred, with a hands-on approach that ensures you’re a part of the journey from start to finish. Below is an outline of the design process.


    1. Fill in the form below or pop into our Nursery to discuss your initial ideas with one of our team directly.

    2. Jay, our Head of Garden Design, will then contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail and put you in touch with one of our designers.

    3. They will visit you for a modest fee, based on their time (including travel).

    4. A proposal follows, including a summary of your meeting, plant suggestions and the total cost of the plants, planting and irrigation (where applicable).

    5. At this point we will invite you to the nursery to go through the design in greater detail and show you the actual plants that we will be using.

    6. If you agree, a planting date is set, the plants are selected and you’re invoiced (just for the plants at this stage).


    7. The designer and planting team will arrive on the specified day and the plants will be positioned – a bit like designing on the ground, instead of on a piece of paper.

    8. Once you’re happy with the arrangement, the beds will be reshaped where necessary and the planting will begin.

    9. Once planted, an irrigation system is installed (this is optional, but we always recommend it), new edges are cut, mulch is applied and everything is left looking lovely.


    10. You’re invoiced for the planting, irrigation system, mulch, etc., and left in peace to enjoy your garden.

    11. We remind you that it doesn’t necessarily end there: creative maintenance, plant advice and horticultural expansion are all right up our street.

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