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Having worked alongside the designers and gained an understanding of your vision, our experienced, strong and capable team will begin the planting. They are masters of precision and care.

Everything may have been preordained in a scale plan or there may be a degree of ‘composing on site’ but however the work is done, the designer will either be present during the laying out (before the planting begins), or the planters will have precise instructions to follow. It’s vital that the customer is present as well, to be a part of this all important process. This is where it begins to be your garden, not our garden. 

Once you are happy with what we have done, early discussions about our further involvement with the garden may start at this point. Our views on Garden Maintenance are well known: as long as your garden has been built using sound design principles, creative and intelligent maintenance is what will create a truly remarkable garden. We’d love to be able to help.

A grove of Dicksonia antarctica

Fantastic. I am amazed at the work rate of the team – utterly incredible in this heat and with the ground so dry. So impressive, so thorough in what they do, and nice people too!”

Stewart ~ July 2022



Large Specimen Planting


Creative Edging

Responding to your bolder planting ambitions

Total Transformations

Coastal Planting
Paths, Borders & Beds

Raised Bank Boulder Installation

Bold & Dramatic
Bold and dramatic positioning ~ Olea europaea
Beautifully executed curves defined by clipped Taxus baccata


So many trees are planted badly, incorrectly positioned or simply not looked after – we can help you avoid all of these problems. People often ask us whether we offer a guarantee with any of our plants. The honest answer is no we don’t. However, this is Architectural Plants you’re dealing with and every plant that leaves the nursery is in rude health and looking fabulous.

If we are planting them you can rest assured that the standard of work is top notch. Plants will be chosen appropriately, staked correctly and everything will be planted at the correct height. With us planting, your new garden is set up to succeed. The rest is up to you, which means watering and caring for your new plants is in your hands. We’re always at the end of a phone for advice and we also offer a Creative Maintenance service if you need our expertise in the future.

We hope that has explained why we don’t feel the need to guarantee each plant that leaves the nursery because we believe when you buy from us you are buying quality and reassurance.

One of our large Trachycarpus fortunei expertly handled on a planting job
Planted high, no competition, well staked and well protected. A proper job
Perfectly placed, planted and mulched


To take the next step with your Garden Design, Planting or Creative Maintenance plans complete our design enquiry form opposite and one of our team will get in touch.

There is the option to attach any plans you have available and photos of your garden that include the following: the garden from the house, the house from the garden, from upstairs, from downstairs, your neighbours’ gardens and most importantly, views of the access.

For all other enquiries visit our contact page

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