The unequivocal choice for any tropical enthusiast looking for dramatic architecture, textural canopies, and a defining structure to embellish and underplant with other exciting exotics. We like to design informal groves and distinguished avenues with beautifully fanned Jelly palms, spiky Chamaerops, slender Cordylines, and our favourite Chusan palms – the latter made even more elegant once you have stripped the trunk. In fact, we never approach a palm without a bread knife in one hand and a blowtorch in the other. Do ask us how we do it – you’ll be hooked once you know how. Creatively maintaining them is all part of the experience and there’s nothing more satisfying than brown-bitting them either.

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A plant lovers dream…
It is an absolutely wonderful treasure trove for any plant lover and we will be back (frequently!) The plants are all in superb condition, with an enormous variety to choose from. The staff are very professional and knowledgable, but also friendly and helpful.