Feathery and even leathery, our shade loving woodland stalwarts will provide you with a versatile palette of plants that are perfect as delicate ground cover or dramatic elegant structural canopies. There is nothing quite so enchanting as the sight of new unfurling fronds or more impressive than an established geometric fan. Of all our ferns, Dicksonia antarctica instantly delivers the greatest drama and is the most amazing thing to view from above. We like to have a range of heights and characterful trunks in our greenhouse (they’re wonderfully fluffy and woody), and they make for excellent courtyard planting, too. It’s taken us 30 years to bring together our collection of evergreen and deciduous ferns, many of which we grow ourselves, and there is much to inspire and feed your pteridomania.

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A plant lovers dream…
It is an absolutely wonderful treasure trove for any plant lover and we will be back (frequently!) The plants are all in superb condition, with an enormous variety to choose from. The staff are very professional and knowledgable, but also friendly and helpful.