Investing In Great Artists

We offer sculpture for sale from a number of artists whose work we adore as well as pieces made by our resident sculptor, David Klein.

David Klein

David has been creating sculptures and clay portraits for over 25 years – an interest first sparked after seeing Michaelangelo’s Slaves as a child. He trained as a biomedical engineer, where he gained a solid understanding of anatomy that is evident in his pieces today. His approach is reminiscent of the Italian masters; his figures emerge from unfinished stone, partially worked, leaving the viewer to fill in the detail at times. He works predominantly with Jurassic Coast limestones, favouring traditional tools such as the point, claw and file.

Whilst his stone carving is all about the process of taking away, David’s portrait work is the opposite. Working with clay, he works from life, forming and molding the head before casting it in cement fondue or bronze.

The common denominator in both arts is David’s love of natural materials and traditional methods, creating powerful pieces that get to the essence of a person. More of his sculptures can be seen in our gallery of his work.

If you would like to purchase any of our currently displayed sculpture or have any other enquiries, please contact us.

Equine forms
David working at our nursery
Star Man’ in progress