Niwaki Tripod Ladders

We have never used anything else


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Niwaki Tripod Ladders

The flared base (4′ wide on both models) and the tripod design combine to make these by far and away the safest, most stable and practical step ladders available. Particularly useful on slopes and terraces, thanks to the extendable 3rd leg (adjusts up to 2′).

Essential for tall hedges, Cupressus sempervirens, Niwaki, and topiary, and for getting at hard-to-reach parts of the garden (the 3rd leg can go over, around, and even in, plants or other obstacles – useful in overgrown borders). Hand welded in aluminium, they’re amazingly light, with double rungs for comfort and clawed feet for extra grip. We use them ourselves.

Small tripod ladder: 1.8m (6′) 5.5kg
Medium tripod ladder: 2.4m (8′) 8.3kg
Large tripod ladder: 3.0m (10′) 10.5kg
Extra large tripod ladder: 3.6m (12′) 12.1kg

All tripod ladders have a maximum weight capacity of 100kg.

A range of Pro Adjustable ladders are also available upon request.


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