Pot Recycling Scheme

Exchange your pots for our vouchers

Pot Recycling Scheme

Here at Architectural Plants, we don’t like waste. We certainly don’t like the idea of our plastic plant pots cluttering up your gardens or going to landfill. We think there’s a much better solution. Simply bring back your Architectural Plants plastic pots and we’ll give you a voucher for each pot. The more pots you bring back, the more vouchers you get to spend on plants for your garden. How does that sound?

We’re only able to accept pots that are over 7.5 litres and undamaged. You can drop your pots off at the nursery, or we can come and pick them up when we are delivering to you. This excludes planting and design customers.

What you’ll get for each undamaged pot

20p7.5 – 9.5 litre pot
50p15 – 25 litre pot
£1.0030 – 48 litre pot
£2.0055 – 160 litre pot
£5.00230 – 1000 litre pot

Well done for launching this fantastic plant pot recycling scheme.”

Victoria Bailey Gardens

Completely brilliant initiative – well done and thank you.”

Ann-Marie Powell