Online shopping at AP

We don’t mind admitting that we have launched our online shop with a certain amount of trepidation. In the past, plans to provide our customers with an online mail order service have been hindered by all sorts of questions – not least, how to overcome the often unsociable nature of e-shopping or indeed how to send you our plants (living things) so that they arrive in perfect condition. However, we now believe we’ve developed a system that will allow you to hunt for all our available products and provide you with sensible categories for their safe delivery. You can now get hold of all the tools, ladders, irrigation components, lifestyle accessories and AP Gift Vouchers you might possibly want from our online shop.

We’re also planning ahead. The Plants – of course, and lots of Pots to put them in, whilst not immediately available, are not far behind in our master plan.


It goes without saying that we have been a fan of Jake Hobson’s Niwaki tools for many years. These clipping tools are all beautifully engineered and will enhance the quality of your topiary. There are three crucial elements to any tool: good material (high-quality carbon steel), good design (usually as simple as possible), and good craftsmanship. The tools don’t stint on any of these: they look and feel good, they do the job they’re meant to do, and they last a long time, holding a sharp edge and rewarding the user with years, decades, and even lifetimes of pleasure.’ Simply put, they are the tools we use every day on our nursery, just ask any of our team – we love them!

Three of Our Team’s ‘Must-Haves’


We also sell and use nothing else but Niwaki Ladders. Perfect for hedges, topiary, fruit trees and all other garden and DIY jobs where you need to work safely at height. The three legs and wide flared base combine to make these by far and away the safest, most stable and practical step ladders available – even on sloped and steps, thanks to the extendable 3rd leg (adjusts up to 2′). Hand welded in aluminium, they’re amazingly light, with double rungs for comfort and clawed feet for extra grip. We find them utterly essential for getting to our Cupressus sempervirens, Niwaki, and topiary, and for all the other hard-to-reach parts of our nursery and our customers gardens.

Lifestyle Accessories

Whether you are hunting for a gift or a certain something to spoil yourself with, have a browse through our collection of accessories curated by us with both style and practicality in mind. We have selected a range of essential trappings for the avid horticulturalist, but you’ll also discover an array of finer frills and intriguing curios. We are always looking to add to our range (we just can’t stop collecting), so do expect to find more to choose from as we unearth other delightful perks and quirks.

we’re here to help and advise

An absolutely essential part of our service involves talking with you about your choices and helping you make the best decision. We are insistent about this. If you are unsure at any point during your online adventure please pause for further thought, and contact us for advice and guidance. Our sales team are adamant that you should.

If you are unsure about your order you can save you items as a wish list and send it to our team. We’ll contact you within 48 hours to help you with the choices you’ve made and discuss the most suitable delivery option. *Please note that this does not reserve the selected products.

Delivery & Shipping Information

It is our mission to make sure that all the products you order from our online shop arrive at your front door in perfect condition. Currently, there are three different ways for you to get your hands on our available products. For further details and to find out why we do it this way visit the link below.