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Perfect for hedges, topiary, fruit trees and all other garden and DIY jobs where you need to work safely at height. The three legs and wide base provide incredible stability, even on slopes and steps.


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The heavy duty EN Pro Adjustable Tripod Ladders are designed for landscapers, tree surgeons and other tough jobs - but do perfectly well in private gardens. If the ladders are used by employees, or will be taking a heavy weight of more than 100kg, or used intensively, day in, day out, they are essential, even without the adjustable legs. Consider it a beefed-up version of the original Tripod Ladder, conforming to EN-131 standards, assuring professionals, employers and all demanding gardeners of the quality and safety of these remarkable ladders. With a load bearing of 150kg, reinforced lower rungs and a chunkier back leg, it is stronger, more robust, and more rigid, offering greater stability and user safety. For regular domestic use, the Original Tripod Ladder will do you fine - although it is not suitable, or rated, for trade or commercial use. If you need the adjustable front legs - for full versatility - go for the EN Pro Adjustable.

All the tripod ladders have an adjustable back leg, with a spring-pin that extends (by 6") or shortens (upto 18") in 6" stops. So working into a slope is fine (always try and work into, not down, the slope). The EN Pro Adjustable has adjustable front legs too, adjusting in 5cm increments to cater for sideways level changes of up to 40cm.


Niwaki EN Pro Adjustable Ladder: 2.1m (6.8'): 7 steps: Weight: 11.6kg: Spread: 169cm: Load bearing: 150kg

Niwaki EN Pro Adjustable Ladder: 2.7m (9’): 9 steps: Weight: 14.3Kg: Spread: 210cm: Load bearing: 150kg: 

Niwaki EN Pro Adjustable Ladder: 3.3m (11’) : 11 steps: Weight: 17.5Kg: Spread: 248cm: Load bearing: 150kg: 

*Niwaki Tripod Ladder Feet are sold seperately.

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