Niwaki Double Holster

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Hard wearing leather holster for your secateurs and folding saw. indispensable.

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On your hands and knees, cutting back some overgrown shrub, secateurs not quite strong enough for some cuts. What do you do? Back inside for the loppers, or whip out the folding saw from your nice new double holster? Ignore the cowboy jokes, holsters are great. They keep tools close to hand, stop them ending up on the compost heap, and save your pockets. Holds secateurs and folding saw, or other various combos, but we don’t guarantee that other (no doubt inferior) brands of secateurs will fit. Starts off clean and pale but soon matures to a nice dark rich tone.

NB. the large Okatsune secateurs are a tight fit, and poke out the top a bit, but once settled in they fit fine. Large Tobisho A-Types won’t fit in the front, but do fit in the back.

Our leather products can come with the odd scuff or natural blemish - that’s part of the material and in no way affects the quality.

  • 172g
  • 265 x 81 x 47mm
  • 3mm Leather
  • Made in China


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