Ripple Round Water Table Corten Steel

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Water tables are a great modern alternative to ponds that can be intstalled very easily and quickly, they are perfect where space is a consideration. Made from 2mm thick corten steel our water tables require little maintenance and boast an advanced closed water circuit that helps to prevent blockages. The water is gently raised around 50mm above the surface before cascading over in a rill that surrounds the table. The LED light(s) also adds drama and gives this feature another dimension after dark.

Please note: this product is not silent, it will produce sound from the both the cascading, bubbling water and the running pump can be heard in certain circumstances.


A flat and level surface with no protruding points (like hardcore may have), sand or gravel is ideal and assists in levelling. Water tables can be buried or sunk into the ground; provisions will need to be made for a soakaway underneath to allow the overflow to function properly.

The OASE LunaLEDs produce 6000k Cool (Day) light.

The power cables, 1x for the pump and one for the LED driver unit, exit the water table via the overflow pipe (underneath the water table) and are approximately 8m. You will need either a weatherproof dual socket with a safety cut-off or, the plugs can be cut-off and the power cables hard-wired into an RCD-type box - THIS IS ONLY FOR ADVSIORY PURPOSES, CONSULT A QUALIFIED ELECTRICIAN FOR CORRECT, SAFE AND LEGAL INSTALLATION. 

Power Requirements: LED driver Unit: Input 230V/50Hz 2W (12V DC output) - Single Spout WT Pump: 230V/50Hz 45W -  Multi Spout WT Pump230V/50Hz 400W

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