Fagus sylvatica – Hedging

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Instant screening, hedging and boundary-defining for the impatient. Beech is the quintessential British tree with a fast-growing nature that lends it to so many shapes and styles of growth.

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Speedily forming a dense and tangly wodge of foliage they’re easy to shape and train, too, so they can make delectable, easy to maintain hedges pretty fast. Evergreen but interesting year-round, bright apple green crinkly leaves pop out in spring and look impossibly fresh and lush as they darken through summer. Turning golden and then foxy orange as they fade in autumn, the leaves unusually stay put on the branches all winter, turning them into thick slabs of gingerbread. A great habitat for wildlife, birds will nest in their tangly thicket of branches safe from predators and if you’ve ever been a small child you’ll know they make the best dens. 

The specimens we have are  trained especially for the task ahead of them: grown with strong vertical leader stems that bristle with busy horizontal branches (all the way up: no gaps) meaning that a row or two of these will romp away and thicken-out to transform your garden. One hedge, no waiting. Speak to our garden designers about what you’d like to achieve: we’ll get you sorted out with the right amount of them to edge a boundary, line a driveway, clothe a wall or screen out an unsightly neighbour.

The Fagus sylvatica family

Elliptic leaves emerging as a soft green and changing to russet before they finally fall in autumn. Beautiful as a tree or for large clipped shapes and topiary.

Most moist but well drained soils in most positions. 'By seed'

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