Mycenae Pots From Terraneo

A Unique & Exclusive Terracotta Range Only From Architectural Plants

A lighter, softer looking terracotta with a superior strength

Limited Chelsea Show Offer

Take advantage of a unique 20% discount on our exclusive new terracotta pot range from Greek pot makers, Terraneo. Offer runs from 20th May to 30th June.

Architectural Plants are the sole distributor in the UK. You can’t buy these pots anywhere else. To find out more, talk to us at our Chelsea Trade Stand: PW 195, or contact us at our nursery:

Made from a superior terracotta for a lighter finish, greater strength and aesthetic beauty. We’ve curated a wide range of sizes and unique styles for you to choose from. Relied on for centuries to withstand bitter Greek winters they have a 10 year frost protection guarantee. We’ve also a selection of pot feet to protect, elevate and frame your choice of pot.


Centuries of Makers’ Knowledge & Craft In Every Pot

Individually hand thrown & finished
The finest mix of terracotta from Crete
Intricate detailing

A Potted History…

The Terraneo potters work a few hundred meters from the ancient ruins of the palace of Agamemnon, in Mycenae, Greece; the birth place of ceramics 6,000 years ago. Historically, pot production began in the region during the time of the Trojan War. Exports of wine and oil were required to help fund Agamemnon’s war chest for the lengthy siege of Troy. A number of the original pot designs are still faithfully replicated today at Terraneo. (Do consult Homer’s Iliad or Odyssey for further clarification should you be inclined.)

The Technical Bit…

Terraneo planters come with a 10-year guarantee and are certified to be frost-resistant up to -50º Celsius. This gives the pots a unique advantage in climates with sudden shifts in temperature, where other terracotta planters deteriorate, dissolve or break in the winter.

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