Niwaki S-Type Hori Hori

Everyone’s favourite weeding and planting tool, with a razor sharp, stainless steel knife-grade blade, serrated down one side for roots and what-nots, and a chunky beech wood handle for grip….

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Irrigation For Your Garden

Welcome To The Irrigation Station Welcome to our irrigation station. Here, we have all the essentials you need to build a complete system, extend one, or to repair and replenish your existing set up. We have been using this system of components on our nursery and installing them for our customers for over 20 years….

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Chusquea culeou

A clump forming, evergreen and hardy bamboo from Chile and and Argentina. An interesting little fact you can impress friends with is that they used to use the solid canes for spear handles and for making musical instruments. Please contact us for stock availability and sizes.

Hardiness traffic light green

Hardiness level Green

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Japanese Garden Design

Japanese Garden Design Our Concept of fusion Our concept of a Japanese Garden Design is a fusion of form, texture, colour and contrast. We like to bring together plants which are intrinsically synonymous with Japanese aesthetics and plants which are most definitely not, but do by their habit and shaping (topiarising), compliment each other brilliantly….

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Pest & Disease Guide 2

Advice For Home Gardeners Whether your favourite plants are outside or inside they can, unfortunately, easily pick up unwanted pests and disease despite your best efforts. Our guide introduces you to the more common UK pests and how to treat them. It’s by no means definitive, and a wealth of useful information can also be…

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The White Glossary

‘The White Glossary’ For the curious and hungry-for-knowledge, the glossary is stuffed with things you need to know to become a gardener. We make a point to weave, thread and insinuate horticultural, meteorological, botanical, geological and evolutionary knowledge through everything we say, write and do. For us this is as much an essential professional horticultural…

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