Verbena bonariensis . (Argentinian Vervain)

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Tall, narrow, sparsely-leafed stems, flattened heads of bright lavender-purple flowers. This is a short-lived perennial and may be damaged by winter frosts. To 3ft.

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Perennial with tall wiry stems and tubular purple flowers in mid to late summer, which bob gracefully about in the breeze. Enjoys any reasonably well drained soil with lots of sunlight. Will gently seed itself around once established.

Open and transparent habit up to 1.5m. Mulch in winter and cut back old stems in spring.

Propagated by seed by us.

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How fast does Verbena bonariensis grow?

Verbena bonariensis will rapidly shoot up in May and June when our Uk weather warms up.

How do you take care of Verbena bonariensis?

It will be happy in almost any soil and garden situation including sandy soils, and shingle. Once established it will self-seed and you could quickly end up with more than you bargained on. Which you can either view as a wonderful positive outcome or a little challenge for your garden jobs list. This is a short-lived perennial and may be damaged by winter frosts so mulch over in winter and cut back old stems in spring.

How tall does Verbena bonariensis grow?

Up to 3ft.

Do Verbena bonariensis prefer sun or shade?

Happy in full Sun, Semi-Shade or Dappled shade.

Is Verbena bonariensis an indoor or outdoor plant?


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