Terraneo Caserta Terracotta Pot

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Introducing the Caserta Terra cotta Pot: an exquisite piece from Terraneo’s exclusive collection. This pot features a distinctive square shape with a folded rim, combining modern design with classic craftsmanship. Handcrafted from superior terracotta, it offers a lighter finish, enhanced strength, and aesthetic beauty. Perfect for elevating any indoor or outdoor space, the Caserta pot is designed to withstand harsh Greek winters and comes with a 10-year frost protection guarantee.


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Beautiful hand made terracotta pot from our exclusive range from Terraneo in Greece. Made from a superior terracotta for a lighter finish, greater strength and aesthetic beauty. Relied on for centuries to withstand bitter Greek winters, these pots come with a 10 year frost protection guarantee.

We also stock a selection of pot feet to elevate and frame your choice of pot.

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