Liriope muscari (Lilyturf)

Evergreen, low, grassy foliage with spikes of violet blue, grape hyacinth like flowers in the autumn. Ideal as ground cover under trees and shrubs to 0.75ft. Please contact us for stock availability and sizes.

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Dark green evergreen grassy stuff - marvellous for luxuriant evergreen ground cover in shady places in not-too-cold-gardens. The only possible other contender for such a title could be Luzula sylvatica but Liriope is more luxuriant. Blue/Purple flower spikes in summer to 1ft - the leaves to about 9".

Look out for slug damage (we use the horrible but highly effective Slug Death that pretty much does what the name suggests. Ideally, cut down in early March to get nothing but fresh green luxuriance throughout the summer - without last year's dead leaves. Cut down as low as possible with a rapid swipe of a good sharp pair of Okatsune Shears. You won't be surprised to hear that we sell such a piece of equipment. Could one just strim it? A bit brutal but I'm sure they'd survive.

Any reasonably well drained soil but they respond well to a bit of food - Nitrogen in particular.

Propagated by division.

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