Liriope muscari ‘Monroe White’ (White Flowered Lilyturf)

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A very useful and attractive spreading evergreen with grass-like strappy leaves and loads of bright white flowers from late summer into autumn. The flowers look like something confected in a wedding cake shop: brilliantly white, they could be rolled from Royal Icing and look especially striking whooshing upward as they do out of their dense emerald green hillocks.

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Tough plants, happy in dappled or even full shade, and looking lovely naturalised and allowed to spread beneath low trees or at the front of borders. They sit particularly nicely with ferns and similar ‘woodlandy’ things of that nature. These grassy perennials reach around 30-45cm high and require very little attention apart from combing out old leaves and spent flowers every so often. Not much to ask, and this can be a rather therapeutic and mindful activity as long as you’ve something soft to kneel on.

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