Kniphofia uvaria nobilis (Red Hot Poker)

Another Poker. Good foliage and big orangey red flower spikes in late summer. The best flowering Kniphofia for September/October. (We think) Please contact us for stock availability and sizes.

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The Red Hot Poker with the most impressive flowers. Orange to 5ft or more in early summer. We're often asked how to keep Kniphofias looking good in winter. We reply by suggesting that if the questioner ever finds out, to let us know. At least remove tatty old leaves.

Even the growing conditions are a bit mysterious. They certainly need light and good drainage. But then the biggest and most impressive Kniphofia flowers I've ever seen grow in a lightly wooded area of Ranelagh Gardens - adjacent to where the Chelsea Flower Show's held. Maybe the rich soil and the benign London climate help.

They generally like it well drained but plenty of water down below. Not always easy to accomplish. Having said that, they're easy and will grow on almost any soil. The question is - but how big??

Propagated by us by division.

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