Kniphofia northiae (Red Hot Poker)

If it’s sunny, damp and rich, you’ll be stunned, shocked and astonished by its 4ft fleshy leaves in gigantic rosettes. Flower spike is dark orange to 3ft. Please contact us for stock availability and sizes.

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The flower grows to 2ft but the plant can have a spread of 4ft and slowly develops a small trunk. It has a touch of those huge tree-like Aloes from South Africa.

I first saw this growing in an exposed garden at the entrance to Salcombe Harbour in Devon. A huge spreading exotic with wide leaves with a kind of shallow 'U' shaped profile. I had absolutely no idea that it was an obscure species of Red Hot Poker - I just assumed it was some wildly tender exotic from South America that I hadn't seen before because it would only survive in the almost frost free environs of the entrance to Salcombe Harbour.

Not a bit of it. Just another Red Hot Poker from South Africa that's actually as tough as old boots. Just a lot weirder looking than most. Its obscurity might be because the flower - by most standards - is not very Red Hot and not for Poker-ish either. Stubby and stout and a muted red and yellow. We're Architectural Plants so - naturally - have a greater interest in the shape of a plant than its flower. The conventional world of horticulture is bordering on the reverse of that philosophy; it's all about the flowers and little about the shape. No wonder no one's ever heard of this magnificent thing.

But - and this is quite a big but - to give it the conditions to grow like that first one I saw in Salcombe, remains a mystery. Masses of light, good drainage but an abundant supply of water down there somewhere. Around the same time I encountered this first one, I saw one growing nearby in the National Trust garden called Overbecks. A fine example but I must confess I've never again encountered one quite as magnificent as that one overlooking the harbour.

On the nursery, we find they come very close to the famous Salcombe Harbour one when put in a very large pot. Maybe they need need lots of fertiliser as everything on the nursery is always well fed.

Propagated from seed by us (when we can get any)

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