Ilex maximowicziana ‘Kanehirae’ (Japanese Holly)

A hardy evergreen originating in the Far East, this is an ideal Box replacement with it’s small leathery leaves and tiny greeny white flowers in May or June, followed by little black berries.

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This is an excellent plant for topiary or hedging and it can be kept at whatever size and shape desired. Classed as Japanese Holly it actually has large leaves and is faster growing than Ilex crenata. It's also more robust and hardier. It has a similar shape and habit to the Box plant but without the blight and caterpillar...

Happy in sun or partial shade, plant this in any moist but well drained soil, except chalk. Clip as necessary but never in full sun, always on a cloudy day to prevent leaf scorch. Formerly known as Ilex mutchagara. Propagated by cuttings.


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