Eucomis bicolor (Pineapple Lily)

Big green leafy exotic rosette 1.5ft across with a difficult to describe, greeny-white, flower spike. Exotic and slightly pineapple-like. Please contact us for stock availability and sizes.

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Hardiness level Amber

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Deliciously exotic perennial from South Africa. It dies down in winter but always returns in the spring. If you think you're gardens a bit chillier than others, you could try mulching Eucomis once they've died down in the first frost. Grows to about 2ft tall by 1ft wide.

Plenty of light and reasonably rich and well drained soil. The smell of the flower? Not great to be honest. If you buy one from us in flower and put it in your car, by the time you get home you will have created your own description. School dinners? Don't be put off - there's nothing like Eucomis bicolor and the smell doesn't spread much. Fortunately.

Propagated by us by seed and bulb.

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