Eucalyptus nitens (The Shining Gum or Silvertop)

For large gardens only. From Victoria and New South Wales in Australia where enormous mature specimens tower to an astonishing 60 metres or so. Anticipate at least 20 here in the UK.

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These trees have long, glaucous and shiny leaves that start out a ravishing jade colour and  smell incredible when rubbed. Their bark is ribonned in all shades of sandy yellows, greys and pale browns and has a shiny, polished quality to the touch. Most caressable. Mountaineering by nature, this Eucalyptus is very fast-growing and known to withstand strong winds so is perfect for a gardener with exotic tastes and an exposed location not too far from the coast. Reasonably cold tolerant down to -12C, possibly lower once established. Looks well with other evergreen trees and shrubs where its unusual blue-tinted green and slender form really shines out. Called the ‘Shining Gum’ downunder…so that makes sense.


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