Equisetum camtschatcense (Horse Tail)

Very perpendicular and lots of it. Dies down in winter but always comes back. Can be a bit on the rampant side, so good to containerise it. To 3ft tall. Please contact us for stock availability and sizes.

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A mass of perpendicular green-ness to 3 or 4 ft. Primitive, stylish and a bit rampant. We're quite well known for encouraging people to grow plants in the ground rather than in pots. "Plants grow in the ground" we say, rather knowingly. However, in the case of Equisetum, we rapidly engage reverse gear. Unless you have a very large garden and enjoy the sight of Equisetum devouring your entire garden, grow this in troughs and pots. That way, it can't get away. Both stylish and sensible.

As the name would suggest, it comes from Kamchatka in eastern Siberia. It likes moisture, lots of light and it needs cutting down once it's collapsed in early winter.

The sheer perfection of this plant is important. Remove any shoots that are bent, brown or yellow and if in a trough (as suggested), even try using your shears to give the whole caboodle a flat top.

Propagated by us by division.

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