Cynara cardunculus (Cardoon)

An artichoke on steroids. Huge silvery leaves to 4ft. Evergreen if it’s not too cold. Purple flowers on 4ft stalks in summer. Plenty of light and rich soil. Please contact us for stock availability and sizes.

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Cardoon. Get the soil and position right and this is magnificent. Lots of light plus vegetable garden soil - lots of organic stuff, well fed and well drained. Just like your leeks would like. Do this and it could be 4ft x 4ft by May. It's closely related to the Globe Artichoke - similar looking but bigger but the flowers are the same. Stalks with a gas ring on top with a blue flame.

In a mild winter (or a mild garden), this remains evergreen and can still look good in the winter. Colder winters (or gardens) and they'll collapse (in that case, remove the old leaves) but start to regrow in March.

Native to North West Africa and South West Europe. The common name Cardoon has a Moorish ring about it doesn't it?

Propagated by us from seed.

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