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Acer negundo ‘Flamingo’ (Ash leaved Maple or Boxelder Flamingo)

An interesting little variegated deciduous tree. It has a stunning pink tinge on young leaves in the spring which gradually turn to a greeny colour heading into summer. As the season progresses into autumn the leaves become more white until they finally drop. This is a vigorous plant that can be kept as a large shrub or grown as a narrow upright tree. It can get to about 9m so excellent for the smaller more compact garden. It is a relative of the Japanese Maple but not actually a Japanese variety. Our garden designers like to use this Acer with it’s delicate variegated leaves as a key focal plant, the variegation helps lift a planting scheme bringing light and variation, almost like a spot light.  Always in moderation though as too much variegation makes for a fussy chaotic design.


Full sun to light shade and needs to be kept out of strong winds. Happy on most soils but does like good drainage. You can give it a hard prune in early spring to give the best foliage.

Hardiness traffic light green

Hardiness level Green

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Hardy anywhere in Britain below approximately 1000ft (300m)

This is only meant as a guide. Please remember we're always on hand to give advice about plants and their frost hardiness.

Please remember that these coloured labels are only a rough guide.

General Point about Plant Hardiness: The commonly held belief that it's better to 'plant small' is perfectly true with herbaceous plants, but not necessarily true with woody plants. They need some 'wood' on them to survive severe cold - so plants of marginal hardiness in very cold areas should really be planted LARGER, rather than smaller, wherever possible.

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Ash leaved maple or Boxelder Flamingo

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