designing courtyard gardens

You don't need a lawn to create a beautiful outdoor space. This week, one of our clients sent us some photos of the courtyard garden we designed for them two years ago, along with the following testimonial:

'Pure genius. This is the best way we can describe Sarah's design. We have two patios - hardly an ideal canvas to create a masterpiece. Yet this just what Sarah has achieved.

'After two years, the gardens have matured and we love subtle shapes that create interest wherever you look. We are amazed that you can view both patios from inside the apartment and they appear extensions to the rooms, with curving vistas.

'Best of all are the plants: the wonderful blue/violet colour of the Agapanthus at dusk; the awesome colourful impact of the Canna and Hedychium in summer; the gracefulness of the Dasylirion; the impressive Phillyrea latifolia; the majestic Trachycarpus and Yucca; the exotic Aloe striatula; the delicate Stipa tenuissima; and last, but not least, the beautiful Eriobotrya and Osmanthus yunnanensis.

'The planting team did a very professional job installing everything and did a fantastic job laying and concealing the complex irrigation system.

'Thank you, Sarah.'

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