Cryptomeria japonica 'Globosa Nana'

An obscure variant of a variant of a large Japanese conifer. It's dense, round, slow growing, extremely fluffy and everyone wants one. You can grow it in sun or shade but light shade is ideal as the foliage remains dark green. This, as with many conifers, can get slightly bleached in full sun. They might reach 6 ft x 6 ft after 15 years or more but can be trimmed with shears in the spring. They'll look a bit odd immediately after clipping but the new growth will soon mask the cut ends. These plants can be problematic and watering seems to be the trouble. Sometimes they'll go a bronzey colour. Sometimes they recover, sometimes they don't. As we never lose them on the nursery (where they are connected to an automatic watering system) we have to assume this problem is associated with watering. Too little and they will wilt and die quite quickly but will often recover if given a drink in time. Too much (boggy conditions) and they'll wilt and won't recover. They need a good soil - water retentive with a high organic content. These plants are grafted in Italy.

Bon chance!


Features Hardiness rating

Hardy anywhere in Britain below approximately 1000ft (300m)

This is only meant as a guide. Please remember we're always on hand to give advice about plants and their frost hardiness.

Please remember that these coloured labels are only a rough guide.

General Point about Plant Hardiness: The commonly held belief that it's better to 'plant small' is perfectly true with herbaceous plants, but not necessarily true with woody plants. They need some 'wood' on them to survive severe cold - so plants of marginal hardiness in very cold areas should really be planted LARGER, rather than smaller, wherever possible.

Shade, Shrubs, Soft & Fluffy, Soil - Clay, Soil - Dry/Well drained Green

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